Competitive Energy & Smiling clowns

Competition: It can be a great thing, or a terrible thing. Especially when it happens to fall between friends. Over certain things like relationships, or silly things like what colour shoes they’re wearing that day.

Having a competitive energy with anyone can honestly be a great driving force for you to do better, do more or be greater than you were before. It can be terrific for you and them, to have someone by your side that you can lean on and challenge and then get the same back from them.

But sometimes, when things get in the way of this kind of relationship – things can start falling apart.  If one side of the partnership suddenly starts showing weakness – be it in any scenario – the other side tries to over-compensate to make up for that loss of momentum. The weakness might not be meant as such but can ultimately be seen by the other party as a non-commitment, not caring any longer or even giving up entirely.

This is where communication is key to understanding and reacting correctly to such events, in relationships with everyone. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you think  you have, it’ll always be different if you don’t share your concerns with the other party because you will always see things differently to someone else, even if you’re looking at the same object. Communicating these differences is key to successfully navigating the up’s and down’s of any relationship, and figuring out where you stand.
If you take one side of the story and run with it, chances are you’ll end up only finding out bits and pieces of it without ever knowing the whole thing. The same can be said for sharing information with another person; people aren’t mind readers. They can’t always know what you mean by a look or a smile.

It’s safe to say that any time you feel hard done by, there is always someone out there doing worse that you. 
I’ve lived by this quote for the entirety of my existence.

Tonight, I was reminded of it from something my husband said. And, for the first time in a while, I wished that everyone else in the world could understand every nuance of my personality, so they’d stop believing that I have it all. 
I, most certainly, do not have it all. I don’t even have a small chuck of it. 
But honestly; I don’t want it.

I’m happy with how I’ve gotten to where I am today. I’m glad for my struggles, and heartache. Each and every one of them have made me the person I am right this second, and they will not stop changing me until the day I die. I’m not afraid to tell the truth, and not afraid to get burned for it. I’ve been to deaths door step, given him the finger and turned around more times than you could count, but somehow I manage to put a smile on my face each morning.



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