Rowan. My little man.

Rowan was born on the 26th May. His due date was June 2nd, but because of my previous medical history, my doctors thought it best to induce a little early, which I was fine with. That, and the fact that I’m in no way a large person, so little Boyo’s expected weight was a little bit wee.

We’d already been into L&D on Monday of last week with unexpected contractions. They sent us home, after checking everything was ok saying that I might have a head start on their plans, but all was well.
I’d continues to have contractions, which were getting progressively stronger, up until 6am on Thursday morning… then they stopped completely.

I called L&D and they told me things to do to get him moving again so I had a hot shower, ate breakfast, drank cold things, jumped around (etc etc) and still nothing. Boyo was motionless. We packed my bags in the car once more and were on the road to the hospital by 8am, me silently sobbing the entire way.

Upon getting in there, I was strapped into a monitor and with the greatest sense of relief (and a flood of tears) heard his heart beat. After about an hour of laying there, I started to feel little kicks and jabs once more and then the contractions started up again.
The nurses and doctors were in agreement that it would be better if I was induced then and there.

I had the great fortune (Pffft, *not!*) of having the Cervidil inserted and then the waiting game was on. It was about 5 hours before the contractions began coming one on top of the other, and I began to lose feeling in my hands, feet and face.
Of course, anyone who begins to lose feeling while trying to get a baby out turns into this zen creature… don’t they?
No, they bloody well don’t.
Freaking out was a massive understatement.

They took me from the birth ward, to the one-on-one birth suit then and attempted to take the Cervidil out. Well, I can tell you that was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through. (And, I’ve been through open heart surgery!)
Apparently, amongst all the kerfuffle, my vagina, cervix and everything else had decided to close up shop and become excessively hyper-stimulated so the midwife who tried to get it Cervidil out had me literally screaming for the airlock, even with the gas. But, after two tries She got it out and was looking completely flustered told me that even though it had been in there for only 6 hours, it should’ve done something, but it didn’t. My cervix wasn’t playing ball.

So the contractions continued on top of each other, and Boyo’s heart beat decreased every time one came. I still had a monitor on so hearing that beeping slow down, and knowing what it meant was terrifying.
I was spoken to my several doctors who had all agreed that a Emergency C-Section was the safest bet to get him out safely.

The C-Section itself was fine, I was awake and my husband was next to me. Rowan popped out and the doctors immediately descended on him like vultures.
I got to see him as I was getting sewn up and kiss his little cute face. He was then whisked off and I told my husband to not let him out of His sight, so I didn’t see them again until I was in recovery.

Rowan was having trouble breathing so was put in the NICU for the first two days while I was ferried up and down to feed him and get some cuddle time. My husband spent the hours between being with me and going and snuggling Rowan when I needed to rest. Boyo was allowed to come to the ward about 48 hours after being born and remained with me until our escape from hospital.

That was 7 days ago, today.
One week, and one little man has changed my life so much that it’s unbelievable.

Rowan, I love you. For ever and a day.


You make me happier and more content that I have ever felt before.
I will do everything I can to keep you safe, happy and smiling for as long as I can. 


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