Do Not Lower Your Expectations.

I’ve been reading a blog post entitled “Lower Your Expectations.”
In a nut shell, it talks about the growing number of young people (19-26y/o) who come out of home/university etc and expect too much. They expect to be able to afford food, travel and drinks that week; and how that is fundamentally stupid.

I beg to differ.

I’m Sorry, but if I didn’t expect to be able to achieve the things that I did, I never would’ve gotten to where I am today. Expectations are the reality of the world; although sometimes people expect way too much and ultimately do fail. But, if they didn’t learn how to achieve their expectations instead of dreaming them away, they never would get to where they want to be.

(Note: I say this about most people. Some people have their expectations so flipping high, that there is no possible way they will ever meet or exceed them. They exceed the expectation of stupidity…)

Whatever outcome you look at, there is a way to achieve it without having to lower your Expectations. If you look at things realistically, you shouldn’t have a problem.

I’ve been poor. I’ve been so fucking poor that in the past, I had to plan out which meals I could in fact eat and which I simply couldn’t afford to eat. But while doing that, my expectations were still there. Just because I couldn’t eat lunch that day, doesn’t mean that in two years I wasn’t going to move house/buy a car/graduate uni with honours … etc.

Expectations are the result of hard work and determination. They allow you to gather information and surmise what that information will do for you. They allow you to see things/people for what they really are and act accordingly without the though of what if’s.

Expectations are not just an irritating person you can forget about if they don’t like your new boyfriend (for example) – if they were; Expectations would tell you that your boyfriend is a piece of shit; and after you blow Expectations off … low and behold, that’s what he’d turn out to be.   Well, lookie here! Expectations were right… That’s a complete and utter surprise… (cough cough)

1. What one thinks will happen in the future.
2. What one wants to happen in the future.

…The only word known to be both a synonym and antonym to itself, because an optimist will expect their expectations to be met, while a pessimist will not expect their expectations to be met.

Expectations are a hard bastard, but one that you need to ultimately have in your pocket to live a fulfilling and positive life.

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