Ahh…It’s been a while. 

It’s unbelievable how much you think you know about life, when you actually couldn’t be more wrong. You grow up with every second that passes. Every breath is one less that you have to breathe. 

The last 8 months has been a roller coaster; physically, emotionally and metaphorically. I’ve been mentally ripped apart and am tediously putting myself back together while trying to keep my family smiling. Some weeks life is working for me but some weeks it’s shattering over and over, and I’m standing in the shards of glass with gumboots on. 

My Son is growing up, He’s almost 8 months old, crawling and trying to walk. He becoming a little charmer with the sweetest smile. He’s long and lanky like his Dad, and thinks that our dogs are the greatest thing in the world.

I’ve lost my pregnancy weight, as well as most of my hair. Well, not really but it’s gone through a few chops to become the new short and funky  ‘Mumma’ cut  that I’ve got now. 

I’ve made friends that will hopefully be in my life for a very long time but also have lost people that I will no doubt think about for years to come. 

I’m becoming a lover of midday TV and it’s renovation shows, while struggling with Rowan’s favorite food of the day being plastered on the walls (today it’s sweet potato…) Piling clean washing ontop of dirty, and crying Everytime I walk past my kitchen. 

But, I can say with perfect insanity that I am doing my best. ❤


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