Sunday, 6:52pm

I'm sitting here, trying to ping words from my brain with a glass of (low alcohol) wine on the table next to me. Beside my wine glass, a little hand suddenly creeps up and tries, ever so carefully, to pull it off the table. Below the hand is a face that is half me, half … Continue reading Sunday, 6:52pm

My body is falling apart, and I don’t care

Those parenting sites you click on, that give you tips and tricks to get through the tough months of pregnancy; like a foot rub, or going shopping... are generally full of crap. Although, I'm sure people with freaking good pregnancies (1 in 100 billion) do occur and I won't deny a woman's ability to soldier … Continue reading My body is falling apart, and I don’t care

Reactions & Expectations

Mum; Cried, yelled at me for not giving her a heads-up and eventually realised that this was going to be her 6th grandchild...was then speechless, which doesn't occur too often. Dad; Was a bit pissed that I'd be giving him his first grandchild at an age where he can still run around after it. I … Continue reading Reactions & Expectations

November, November

Usually as I realize the year is quickly drawing to a close, I start reminiscing about things that, for a small moment, were my entire world. This year, I've gained some amazing memories. This year also marked the occasion of my trip down the aisle; I'll can never thank everyone enough for making that day … Continue reading November, November