Sunday, 6:52pm

I'm sitting here, trying to ping words from my brain with a glass of (low alcohol) wine on the table next to me. Beside my wine glass, a little hand suddenly creeps up and tries, ever so carefully, to pull it off the table. Below the hand is a face that is half me, half … Continue reading Sunday, 6:52pm

365 Days and a realization later …

I've never been one of those girls that you see in the throngs of their friends. I've had one or two, here and there that seemed to make some sort of connection with my life and although I tried my hardest it was never enough to be there for them without question, I haven't found the … Continue reading 365 Days and a realization later …

My body is falling apart, and I don’t care

Those parenting sites you click on, that give you tips and tricks to get through the tough months of pregnancy; like a foot rub, or going shopping... are generally full of crap. Although, I'm sure people with freaking good pregnancies (1 in 100 billion) do occur and I won't deny a woman's ability to soldier … Continue reading My body is falling apart, and I don’t care

Baby shower? No Thanks.

I hate baby showers. I even hate the thought of baby showers. Imagine sitting in a room with at least 20 other females ranging in age from slightly-younger-than-you, to over-the-hills-and-far-away. They all have glasses of champagne... but you're not allowed any, so you have juice. Fucking, Juice. You're supposed to smile away and pretend that this is … Continue reading Baby shower? No Thanks.

30 Day Blog Challenge

I've been asked to do a 30 Day Blog Challenge ... so here goes! Note: I will, however stress that my keeping to any kind of schedule is laughable, and hence the possibility of taking a day off is allowed only by the catching-up of posting more than one blog for the next day.   DAY 1: Write some basic things … Continue reading 30 Day Blog Challenge

Honesty is easy, is it?

It's not easy to be honest, honestly. I was a liar, and I'm (oddly) proud to say that. But thanks to a certain traumatic brain issue, my lying has ceased and now I find it difficult to tell the sales person on the other end of the phone; "Oh, There's a knock at my door, *cough* I have … Continue reading Honesty is easy, is it?


I've been trying to write this for the past hour: I have been starting this off like a story, then deleting it. Doing it again, then deleting it. I'm obviously compelled to write something profound today because its my 8th Stroke-iversary, but not to sure what that will be exactly. Something people always ask me is, " Why … Continue reading Stroke-iversary