Sunday, 6:52pm

I'm sitting here, trying to ping words from my brain with a glass of (low alcohol) wine on the table next to me. Beside my wine glass, a little hand suddenly creeps up and tries, ever so carefully, to pull it off the table. Below the hand is a face that is half me, half … Continue reading Sunday, 6:52pm

D’lecetably Delightful

Cafe's these days are becoming totally stoic in their connection with the outside world. By this, I mean that their complete eradication of anything remotely 'kid friendly'. Trying to eradicate these little knee-high things called children, is not only difficult, but it is quite bad for business.  Usually their Mum's are after a nice coffee, … Continue reading D’lecetably Delightful

Fly, my Curls

I was sitting at a window in Brisbane domestic airport; looking out with my coffee and computer, wondering what to do for the next hour or so. I casually looked around, and saw that a few people were looking at me, startled. I rushed to the bathroom, expecting my mascara to have leaked and I … Continue reading Fly, my Curls